Sunday Oct. 8th, 2006 - 4pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 3006 W.12th St. @ Surf Ave. Tickets are $6.00.


Orange Boy: An Inquiry
Hokwon Kim, Flushing NY USA, Animation 00:05:30.
This revenge story involvies an incident between a man and some insects.

Sammy and Marry
Hugh Plantin, Brooklyn NY USA, Short 00:06:45. A psychotic married couple tries to solve their marital problems, but drives the pschologists psychotic during the process.

Kali Ma
William Graham, New York NY USA, Short 00:10:53.
When a suburban Indian mother finds out her son has been brutalized at school, she takes matters into her own hands. In her Sari and white sneakers, she marches to the bullies house and delivers her own brand of vigilante justice. An electric action dramedy.

Beatgirl - A Piece of Action!
Martin Leeper, North Hollywood CA USA, Short 00:02:22. BeBop, DooWop and Pow!A brief excursion by a hero who likes the dance as much as the fight, hitting the beats of the music and beating the hits of the bad guys!
Yellow Belly
Lisa M. Perry New York NY USA Short 00:09:00. When 3 friends try to reunite on a birding trip, an unexpected event forces them to come to terms with their past.

Nick Poppy Brooklyn NY USA Short 00:08:27. Glen (Ed Helms of The Daily Show) likes to read, do crosswords, and play basketball. He's on the lookout for a girlfriend. Oh, and one other thing - Glen is a Zombie-American. A plea for tolerance and acceptance, this educational documentary will help audiences understand some of the challenges zombies face in our society.

The World's Worst Job
William Torres, New York NY USA, Short 00:02:38. The World's Worst Job is an animated short about the perils of a toilet plunger.   With a job that requires him to be on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, he's terrified about being called for duty.   After years of horrifying experiences, he has finally been pushed to his limit and decides to make a run for it.
Danny and the Ocean
Abraham Heisler, Warren VT USA, Short 00:18:15. Danny and the Ocean is a heart-warming short film about a boy and his desire to visit the ocean. Set in the urban environment of New York City, Danny embarks on a midnight journey in search of the ocean.

Disconnected Images
Jack Harari, New York NY USA, Short 00:08:11. A down and out New York mime meets a beautiful but mysterious woman on a city street and they make a true connection-- but can they find each other later in the day? Appearances can be deceiving...

Tulips for Daisy
Michael Dominic, New York NY USA, Short 00:10:34.
The further Daisy runs away from her life, the closer she comes to herself.
Stephen Fretwell 'New York'
Daniel Wolfe, United Kingdom, Music Video 00:02:45. Set in Manchester on a Monday afternoon, 'New York' offers a glimpse of working class northern life.   The video echos the songs sentiments of escaping to New York.