Sunday Oct. 8th, 2006 - 6pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 3006 W.12th St. @ Surf Ave. Tickets are $6.00.

Moving Picture Makers
Andrew Fisher, Los Angeles CA USA, Short 00:04:10
This episode from the long running serial chronicles the rise and fall of famed Russian filmmaker Vyacheslav (Vegi-slav) Krilov. The film features clips from rare Krilov classics including 'If Not Redeemed, Babies are Angry' and 'The Unbirth'.

Signe Baumane, New York NY USA, Animation 00:10:00. An enthusiastic dentist, a reluctant patient and a strange picture on the wall...
Happy Trails
Michael Goldburg, Brooklyn NY USA, Short 00:12:00. Award-winning filmmaker Michael Goldburg’s new comedy about a romantic weekend gone very bad. When Gareth and Sarah’s car, as well as their relationship, breaks down on a remote country road, the last thing they need is to be picked up by the couple from hell. Photographed by Peter Olsen (“Robot Stories”), scored by Michael Whalen (“What the Bleep Do We Know!?”) and winner of a Special Honor in the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition.
The Tutu Fairy
Tim Mattson, Hoboken NJ USA, Documentary Short, 00:04:19. Susan Smolinsky is daring enough to be silly. A multidisciplinary artist who believes in free expression she transformed everyday reality into something inspiring. As The Tutu Fairy dances through Times Square she brings joy to others. Trying to make strangers wishes come true, she brings her own dreams to life on the streets of New York.

Aloura M. Charles, Tallahassee FL USA, Short 00:07:00. In this character-driven comedy set in the streets of New York City, a young man who likes to call random phone numbers from the phone book to meet women gets into trouble with the angry line of people waiting to use the phone. When he's ripped from the phone both he just finds another one and starts dialing for dates all over again. The humor doesn't end until the last credit rolls so don't stop watching until the very end and you will see some very famous faces! Look for a cameo from Ron Howard.

Linger On
Brian Chillemi, New York NY USA, Short 00:11:39. "Linger On" explores the vacant world of James and his escapades of crime and deception through New York City's streets. Kept fed by Colette, a well to do woman who welcomes his attention, paid by Joe, his stone cold underworld contact, and entertained by whatever pretty face comes his way- James is on easy street.
Copperhead Road
Ian Ogden, Brooklyn NY USA, Short 00:14:59. A raw and truthful look at the all too common abusive actions of a law enforcement officer who sets out to teach a drunk driver a lesson she won't soon forget. Based on a nationally publicized true story.
Half-Hearted Escape
Martin Glenn, New York NY USA, Short 00:05:48. He didn't mean to do it, but once its done, it's done. Can you escape your own thoughts, leave a life behind?

Pistolera: Six-Minute Shootout
Omar Solis, Elmhurst NY USA, Documentary Short 00:06:15. A profile of Pistolera, an NYC-based band with an original brand of latin pop-folklorico, which draws from the traditional sounds of Mexican music mixed with Spanish lyrics and rock attitude.

Secondhand Smoke
Rhys Daunic, Brooklyn NY USA, Music Video 00:05:36. Chris Leo and Vague Angels' song, Secondhand Smoke. A writer creates scenes in the streets and nightlife of Brooklyn for himself to play the role of epic hero. He saves lives with cigs and gin, kicks ass, and breaks hearts in front of epic backdrops, until his writing fails him.
Bill Poznanski, New York NY USA, Music Video 00:04:15. Okra the Fruit Man! Pretty Boy! The Pussyfooters Drill Team! The Treme Brass Band! The East Village meets New Orleans' Ninth Ward in "Intro", a concept music video directed by Bill Poznanski of the Imprints and built around the Morning 40 Federation's song of the same name. Filmed six months before Hurricane Katrina, "Intro" was planned as an affectionate welcome into the zany, colorful personalities and music of the Ninth Ward/Bywater neighborhood. Katrina and its aftermath have since recast 'Intro" as a time capsule, a
tribute, and a memorial.