Saturday Oct. 7th, 2006 - 2:00pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 3006 W.12th St. @ Surf Ave. Tickets are $6.00.

Twistin Gorilla
Pacer Burton, Brooklyn NY USA, Short
Burlesque Starlettes, The World Famous Pontani Sisters are terrorized by a wild gorilla on the lose in their beloved Coney Island in this action packed caper! Hoping for a peaceful day slicing sand at an ocean front dance party, the girls instead spend their afternoon being scarily stalked by a primate! How will this thrill packed, suspense ridden video end! Can the Sisters using sense, skill, style and sassy dance maneuvers escape the savage beast?

The Green Flash
Adam Davis, Woodland Hills CA USA, Short 00:25:00
When a young runaway orphan (Omar Epps) enounters a wounded hoolum under the boardwalks in Coney Island, the two discover a friendship of necessity.

Astella Development Corporation
Celebrates 30 Years of Accomplishments
Juan Carlos Pineiro, Astoria NY USA, Documentary Short 00:07:14
Astella Development Corporation is a not-for-profit community based organization dedicated to providing affordable housing, commercial revitalization, and improving the quality of life in the Coney Island community.
I Wonder
Chris DePierro & Amanda Jencsik, Fort Lee NJ USA, Short 00:05:30
Based on a true story. Amy visits Coney Island in search of precious childhood moments that she shared with her now deceased father; but can she let go of past regrets and leave with the memory of a lifetime?

Avenue X
Leslie McCleave, Brooklyn NY USA, 00:15:30
Set against the exhausted beauty of Coney Island, two unlikely friends play out their fate. Avenue X was writer/director Leslie McCleave's first short film and won best short film awards at the Sundance, San Francisco, SXSW and Locarno Film Festivals. Her first feature film, ROAD will be in theatres later this year.

The Curse of Coney Island
Jane Rose, Brooklyn NY USA, Short 00:04:30
When a real estate busybody with big plans sets his sights on Sodom by the Sea, he finds himself haunted by ghosts of Coney Island past.
The Mirmaids at Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Mustafa Bhagat & Laura de Ney, New York NY USA, Documentary Short 00:07:55
A group of sexy mermaids take over the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.
Red Meat
Aram Bauman & Stephanie Armstrong, Brooklyn NY USA, Short 00:06:00
Scientists are taken aback by the rapid degeneration of the brain in these human victims. They are also baffled by an apparent blood-lust that has arisen in these poor, sick humans. Symptoms include massive convulsion similar to that of a seizure...
I Live In Brooklyn
Bombonia Bombonia, Brooklyn NY USA, Documentary Short 00:06:20
The arrival of an alien to NYC.