Saturday Oct. 7th, 2006 - 6pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 3006 W.12th St. @ Surf Ave. Tickets are $6.00.


The Clean Machine
Yael Shulman, New York NY USA, Experimental 00:01:15
It was the most manic minute of her life.

130 Seconds
Ronnie Cramer, Denver CO USA, Experimental 00:02:30
This video was made using footage from an exhibition at the Commerce Gallery in Wichita, Kansas. The piece compresses 130 minutes of real time into 130 seconds of screen time by displaying one second of footage for every minute of footage shot. The sountrack utilizes corresponding 1-second stereo clips from the origanic audio.

Maurizio Zappettini, United Kingdom, Short 00:04:00
A beggar loses his wallet. A man sees that and stoles it. Few minutes later that man changes his mind and decide to give back the wallet to his owner, but...

Misfortune Cookie
Jack Paccione Jr., Staten Island NY USA, Short 00:06:00
An arrogant man dining at a Chinese restaurant get a very uneasy and unexpected message from his fortune cookie.
Pride and Passion: Negro League Baseball
Robert Cassidy & Chris Cassidy, Wontagh NY USA, Doc Short 00:11:00
Shut out of the major leagues because of the color of their skin, African-American baseball players thrived in a league all their own. The Negro Leagues flourished from 1920 to 1947, when Jackie Robinson finally broke baseball's color barrier. This is the story of the athletes who barnstormed the country, bringing their brand of baseball to fans everywhere.
The Falcons are 3
Howie Alex, New York NY USA, Short 00:09:00
A satircal look at a small time bookie who is trapped by the degenerate gamblers he feeds off
Home Delivery
Elio Quiroga, Spain, Animation 00:10:38
An animated horror zombie-comedy about domestic violence, based on a short tale by Stephen King

Sideshow Attraction
Scott Russell, Burbank CA USA, Short 00:14:30
When a knife thrower's assistant is killed in the act, a detective pulls back the curtain and invades the isolated world of a traveling circus.

Surf Gang
Katrina del Mar, New York NY USA, Short 00:24:00
A gang of surfer girls leaves the home break and runs a course of chaotic violence until a call comes in from the other side.