Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 28, 2008, - 4pm
Sideshows By The Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

This program has sold out! Second Show added at The Coney Island Museum, 6:15pm.

January First
Howie Alex, New York, NY, USA. Experimental, 2:00

New Years Day in Coney Island.


Coney Island's For The Birds
Alexis Neophytides, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Documentary Short, 15:02

World Premiere!

Coney Island's for the Birds takes us to the quirky underground world of pigeon racing, spotlighting Anthony and Larry Martire, a father-and-son racing team. From training to the actual races, through wins and losses, we witness the Martire's ups and downs and get an intimate glimpse into a special relationship bonded by their shared love of these amazing rooftop creatures.

Franklin Feinberg, New York, NY, USA. Experimental, 7:17

See Coney Island in all of its' trippy 1969 glory!

Sarah-Jane Harrison, Woodside, NY, USA. Narrative Short, 9:10

Wonder is a short film, based on the Lewis Carroll novel 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. It is set in Coney Island, NY and explores the fear of growing up.

Coney Island Saved Me!
Amanda Jencsik, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Narrative Short, 10:39

World Premiere!

We are introduced to Coney and some local residents. Kristina tells her Coney Island story, which involves bonding with Jimmy, learning how to have fun and trying to save Coney Island.

Save Coney Island
Peter LiPera, St. James, NY, USA. Documentary Short, 26:09

World Premiere!

Working with a small crew for over a year, director/cinematographer Peter LiPera paints an intimate portrait of Coney Island’s first annual last season. His principal focus is Coney Island’s troubadour, Amos Wengler, creator of songs such as Coney Island Opens Up Today, We Love Coney Island and The Polar Bear President. Amos is an advocate for saving Coney Island from a group of developers known as Thor Equities, who wish to build Condominiums inside the parks core amusement area. As the politics play out and the developers attempt to change zoning regulations Amos fights back with his newest song, Save Coney Island. Dramatically interwoven into the personal voyage of Amos Wengler is the landscape of Coney Island’s colorful underbelly as it undergoes major change. Unfolding like a narrative drama, SAVE CONEY ISLAND shows a group of boardwalk friends’ journey over the course of a year as they try to preserve what they can within the ever-changing, ever-fading, atmosphere of Coney Island.

Coney Island
Michael Maher, New York NY, USA. Documentary Short, 7:50

It's been a playground for New Yorkers for more than a hundred years. Now Coney Island, on the shores of Brooklyn, is falling into disrepair and developers are moving in. Michael Maher takes a nostalgic look at the colorful place once billed as the world's greatest amusement park.

Made in Coney Island: Summer 2007
Evan Kleinman, Astoria NY, USA. Documentary Short, 7:22

World Premiere!

'Made in Coney Island' is filled with images from the summer of 2007. A time when Astroland had recently been purchased by Thor Equities with plans to demolish the famed amusement park at the end of the 2007 for re-development. Many were sure the last days of Coney Island had sadly arrived. Being such a special place, I was driven to capture as many images from that summer as possible as a record of that time and so all future generations would know the spirit of America's playground.

A Mermaid Cycle
Jennifer S. Piazza, Richard Adler, New York NY, USA. Experimental, 3:34

World Premiere!

It is the Silver Anniversary of Coney Island's Mermaid Parade and a mythical creature has risen from the seas to find men, women, children, queers, mermaids and neptunes honor the sun and sand before they surrender to the swells of an uncertain future.

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