Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, October 4, 2009 - 1pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor

Tickets are available at the box office, 1208 Surf Ave. $6 (cash only). All tickets sales are non-refundable.

Fight Day
Chris Cassidy, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 6:30

World Premiere!

Boxing journalist Steve Farhood brings some special people back in time and provides them with a unique front row seat to the fights.

Are You Happy?
Jonathan Berman, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Documentary Short, 6:15

Filmmaker Jonathan Berman and performance artist Michele Carlo (Carmen Mofungo) follow up on the big question of the cinema verite film, Chronicle of a Summer. On the streets of New York City they find garbage collectors, fishmongers and movie stars, creating a song to city life and an inquiry into our public and private selves.

Finding Meeky: A Fragmentary History
Roy Kohn, Toronto ON, Canada. Documentary Short, 13:47

New York Premiere!

Five of the world's greatest carnival and circus showmen reminisce about their encounters with Meeky, The World's Strangest Little Boy. Meeky a sideshow oddity with the uncanny ability to jump "like a flea" into the air, mysteriously disappeared in the late 1950's. This short collection of interviews is woven together evoking the tradition of the bally and the art of carnival showmanship. Featuring Ward Hall, Chris Christ, A.W. Stencell, Dick Johnson and the late Tom Cooper.

Bay Rizz "Rescue"
Mike Rizzo , Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, Mockumentary, 4:53

New York Premiere!

After months of being missing, Bay Rizz (the mayor of Bay Ridge) has finally been found. During these tough times of recession Bay Rizz makes sure his local community and the people of Bay Ridge are still shopping and keeping it local. With the help of Bay Ridge icons Vincent Gentile, Eagle Columnist Chuck Otey and Civil Leader Larry Morrish, Bay Rizz is able to bring light to these tough times.

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Outside the Last Game at Yankee Stadium
Chris DePierro, West New York NJ, USA. Documentary Short, 22:00

World Premiere!

What does a Die-Hard Yankee Fan do when he can't get a ticket to the Last Game at Yankee Stadium? He grabs his camera and walks around the stadium to see what's going on, who he runs into and maybe even gets into the game...or does he?

The Retired Chef
David Elinson, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 4:00

An old, Jewish man from the Bronx reminisces about getting a job after he's discharged from the army in 1946. He takes the IRT to Gimbels Department Store for an interview. He thinks he's interviewing for a job selling men's suits, but instead is hired to be a short order cook.

No Strings Attached
Lisa Whitmer, San Francisco, CA, USA. Documentary Short, 37:00

New York Premiere!

Bursting with sex appeal and kitschy charm, No Strings Attached is a playful romp through the world of burlesque, from its origins in the late nineteenth century to its contemporary revival. The film provides a peek through feathers and glitter at the Scenic Sisters, a San Francisco duo, as they prepare for the annual, international Tease-o-Rama convention. Also features New York Burlesque stars Jo Boobs and Dirty Martini.

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