Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, October 4, 2009 - 6pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

Tickets are available at the box office, 1208 Surf Ave. $6 (cash only). All tickets sales are non-refundable.

Kimberly Scott, Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, Brooklyn NY, USA. Documentary Short, 4:48

From the Director, my mother has made me a stronger person because she has shown me how to act in life-treat people the way you want to be treated. My film is about how she went through so much in life, yet still remains positive. I hope people understand that life is not all about your own feelings- you have to make an attempt to understand other peoples feelings too.

Medicine Man
Himkar Tak, New York NY. Narrative Short, 19:57

Jimi, a 15 year old kid from the projects of Brooklyn, New York, journeys deep into the Adirondack Mountains in search of a fabled plant that might cure his father of paralysis.

Basket Bronx
Martin Rosete, Madrid, Spain, Narrative Short, 14:00

Alex is an African-American kid from the Bronx who dreams of playing basketball as his idols. However, the gang of older guys in the neighborhood keep reminding him that he cannot. One day Kiat, a newly arrived Chinese girl, appears in his life and using some Zen philosophy teaches him to overcome his fears, to enjoy life as much as possible and to stop worrying about his results.

Official Site and Trailer

Clark Johnson, Scenarios USA, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 16:58

Brooklyn Premiere!

Twin brothers Devon and Keshon rely on each other for their daily survival. When they find themselves attracted to the same girl, a rivalry builds that leads to deeper questions about how society judges boys and men. Directed by Clark Johnson (The Wire, Homicide Life On The Street).

Father's Day
Brian Rolling, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 21:02

Brooklyn Premiere!

'Father's Day' is a coming of age story about a young man struggling to deal with the pressures of raising a five year old son in the projects. Dee, a 21 year old African American, dreams of becoming a professional chef. Confronted with pressures from both his mother and girlfriend he is forced to make a life altering decision when introduced to Rammel, the local drug dealer. Dee must learn to balance his love of cooking with his responsibilities as a father.

Mark Lediard, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Narrative Short, 9:30

World Premiere!

In a dark and rainy nameless city, a man haunted by visions of violence and grieving over the disappearance of his wife, meets a mysterious blind stranger. Together, these two men must journey through this dark night and peel back the layers of lies and violence to discover the truth – no matter how disturbing it may be.

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Ronnie Cramer, Denver Co, USA. Experimental, 4:24

One hundred of your favorite celebrity mug shots morph from one to the next. The minimalist. trance-like soundtrack adds to the hypnotic effect.

F... That
Oliver Conrad, St. Moritz, Switzerland. Music Video. 3:30

Neither Krussia a underground hip hop Artist nor C Rayz Wallaz can escape the
invisible force that is attacking them.

Sensations of the Season
Jan Stephens, Portsmouth Hampshire, UK. Animation 5:08

Roll up, roll up, come see Unzie and his fantastical freak show. Conjoined twins, the worlds fattest singer, Unzie has it all. Come see the freakiest show on Earth.

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