Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, October 3, 2009 - 3:00pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd Floor

Tickets are available at the box office, 1208 Surf Ave. $6 (cash only). All tickets sales are non-refundable.

Brooklyn Force
Adam Bertocci, Bronxville NY, USA. Comedy Short, 12:53

A look at the gentrification of Williamsburg through the eyes of disillusioned Star Wars fans.

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Small Time
Jason Godbey, Brooklyn NY, USA. Comedy Short, 6:34

World Premiere!

Small Time is the story of Joey Alto, a low level bagman for mob boss Jimmy "the Squirrel" Moriano. Joey's day begins like any other, but instead of picking up his usual cash load and dropping it off, Joey decides to keep the loot. But when Jimmy "the Squirrel" gets wind of his plan, the bagman is in for a really bad day.

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Silent Treatment
Jonathan Rothell, Shreveport LA , USA. Comedy Short, 6:30

New York Premiere!

A comedy short about life without sound.

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Around the Block
Valerie Harrington, Brooklyn NY, USA. Narrative Short, 23:30

George is a resident of a nursing home who is about to lose his room. Paula, the woman who watches over him, takes George for a walk. As we follow them through a day filled with ups and downs Paula struggles with George's jumbled memories and gets in over her head as she tries to solve the crisis partly for George, but mostly for herself. Starring Callie Thorne (Rescue Me, Homicide Life on The Street) and Jeffrey DeMunn (Law & Order, Citizen X).

The Vaudevillian
Bryan Nest, Orange, CA, USA. Narrative Short, 17:00

A ventriloquist's relationship with his dummy is strained after they lose their job with a traveling vaudeville act. The ventriloquist realizes he is able to scam farmers for money, much to the dummy's dismay, and loses his conscience so that he can continue.

Ryan Pearce, Plainview NY, USA. Narrative Short, 23:20

The only way to get back in. Starring Rhys Coiro (Entourage, 24) and Mark Margolis (Scarface, Pi).

Got A Mind
Jim Riffel, New York NY, USA. Music Video, 3:48

World Premiere!

Got a Mind is a music video for American Roots Music Artist D.B. Rielly.

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