Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 4:00pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor

Tickets are $6. Tickets available during Festival hours at the Coney Island USA Giftshop box office, 1208 Surf Ave. Ground Floor, Cash Only. All tickets sales are non-refundable.

Slap Back Jack "High Five Master"
Mark Newell, New York NY, USA. Animation, 11:03, New York Premiere!

Having some trouble with high-fives and hand slaps? There's someone who can help, he's Slap Back Jack.

Gelber & Manning in Pictures
James Lester, Brooklyn NY, USA. Short, 10:53, Brooklyn Premiere!

When gangsters ruled and burlesque sizzled, a vaudeville duo thrived... The pilot film in the first-ever vintage fantasy serial, wherein a romantic ragtime twosome stands to make it big in pictures. But a 'peculiar condition' threatens the very ground the pair stand on. In the steamy midst of scintillating burlesque girls, sleazy producers, and menacing gangsters, Gelber & Manning try desperately to keep from being torn apart.


Road Less Traveled
Laura Moss, New York, NY, USA. Short, 6:45, World Premiere!

Two artistic soul mates find each other and fight to make the movie of their dreams.

Land Without Shadows
Antoine Blanchet, Paris France. Short, 16:22, New York Premiere!

After the death of her ex-boyfriend, Eponine decides to go back to the place of memories, Coney Island. On a bench, she reads a letter full of love, written by her ex-boyfriend's mother, Sally. Paul, a young photographer looking for new images didn't miss that moment and decides to go see her.

The Cycle
Roy Clovis, Brooklyn NY, USA, Short, 17:55

Crystal, a loving wife and mother, is the owner of a charming neighborhood bookstore in Brooklyn. Her eight year-old daughter, Corinne, enjoys spending midsummer afternoons playing in front of the store. But the tranquility of a beautiful day unravels when a teenage boy steals her bicycle. While Crystal's decision to call the police is seen as a betrayal by some of her neighbors, others choose to join the search. As events unfold, underlying tensions caused by economic disparities begin to surface. Will the search for a child's bicycle unite this fragile community or ignite a conflict that could blow it apart?

Empire Corner
JP Chan, New York NY, USA, Short, 12:13, Brooklyn Premiere!

A woman travels across New York City -- and between two worlds -- in search for the man she never got a chance to know.

The Final Weapon
Stephan Berwick, Falls Church, VA, USA. Short, 15:00, New York Premiere!

The Final Weapon is an action drama, featuring an appearance and music by Lou Reed, about holding, using, and protecting an ancient form of martial art that when employed, renders the user invincible for 20 minutes, after which he/she dies. The film explores the question of whom are more important - those given the fatal responsibility to use overwhelming power or those given the task of protecting such power?

The Final Weapon takes viewers through the fast-moving odyssey of an aging warrior making a fatal choice upon his last battle. With Lou Reed appearing as 'The Holder' of the Final Weapon's secret verse and famed Taijiquan master, Ren Guangyi as 'Holder 1', the high-definition film short is fueled by a stirring use of vintage music by Lou Reed.

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