Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 7pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. 2nd floor

This program has SOLD OUT!

Luke Hansen, Somerset NJ, USA. Animatiion, 3:36, World Premiere!

Flushed is an animated short about a plumber and one very stubborn toilet. We soon realize that what starts out quite normally is in fact no ordinary job!

Hairnimation #2
Amy Grumbling, Brooklyn NY, USA. Experimental, 2:43

Can we leave our former selves behind? Or do parts of our selves
continue to be parts of ourselves even after we've cast them off? A
meditation on body and experience, "Hairnimation #2" is an animated
thought conceived of and executed, in part, in the shower.

"Va Fa Napoli, Hipster"
Matt Weckel, New York NY, USA. Short, 2:23, World Premiere!

An elderly man exacts his revenge on the hipsters that plague his beloved Brooklyn neighborhood.

New York Trilogy
Tal Shamir, New York, NY, USA. Experimental, 9:09

The film presents three short philosophical reflections on New York City. The first part deals with the Culture Industry and commoditization; the second part deals with the simulacra and the image; and the third part deals with the emptiness of New York City.

Andres Rosende, Kate Barker, New York NY, USA. Short, 14:29

Snapshots is composed of seven love story vignettes, capturing different moments in couples' relationships. Ranging from first kiss to breaking up, the film unfolds over the course of one day, moving around the neighborhoods of New York City.

Ryan Gielen, Sunnyside NY, USA. Short, 16:19, New York Premiere!

Sara has two vaginas. She's never been intimate with anyone... except her pillow. But when love peeks through her window (literally), Sara will find the courage to reveal herself. As edgy as it is moving, 'Two' weaves a poignant tale about finding love and being loved for who you truly are.

Michael Swingler, Los Angeles Ca, USA. Short, 21:43

After spending his life trudging through the so-called “American Dream,” Sam Schmidt has found nothing but a high-rate mortgage, mundane job and a family who appreciates everyone but him. While heading to yet another birthday party for his glorified grandfather-in-law, a desperate Sam is kidnapped by a psycho CEO whose paperclip company has finally gotten the best of him. Sam must decide to finally take charge of life or lose his own. Starring Arye Gross from 'Minority Report' and the TV series 'Castle,' 'Midlife' is an eccentric, dark comedy that explores what happens when life’s expectations push you to the edge.

Bay Rizz: The Man for You
Mike Rizzo, Rachele Richards, Brooklyn NY, USA. Music Video, 3:30

Bay Rizz takes us on an autobiographical joyride on his rise to being the Mayor of Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Loop-da-Loop and Giuseppe
Jason R. Jaworski, Union City NJ, USA. Silent, 16:16, New York Premiere!

LOOP-DA-LOOP, a Victorian transvestite prostitute/ dance hall "girl" escapes from his pimp with the help of his secret lover, Brooklyn Police Captain GIUSEPPE BALDI. With an outstanding Ragtime score composed and performed by TERRY WALDO. Inspired by the life of an actual Victorian transvestite prostitute.

8bit Ghost Hop
Brian Lonano, Kevin Lonano, Staten Island NY, USA. Experimental, 1:24, New York Premiere!

A mysterious signal from the moon summons strange ghosts.

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