Coney Island Film Festival

Saturday, September 29, 2007 - 9pm
Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. @ W. 12th St. Tickets are $6.00 (cash only).


Tickets are available at the Sideshows By The Seashore box office from 11:30 am - 9pm (day of). 3006 West 12th street off Surf Ave. Please note: No tickets are sold in the museum. You must purchase at Sideshows By The Seashore box office (which is around the corner) prior to entering. Box office phone -718-372-5159.

Henry The Otter
Jay Hufford, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Narrative Short, 18 minutes.

A curious young sea otter embarks on a series of mishap adventures as he tries to make his way in the big city.

Celluloid #1
Steve Staso, New York, NY USA. Narrative Feature, 78 minutes.

Clayton Beaubien has become a shell of the brilliant artistic renegade of his youth following his dazzling film debut 'Delusion #1'. His current claim to fame? A demeaning troller of the celebrity red carpet. He desparately tries to resuscitate his auteur credentials with a conceptual piece exploiting the theory of 'soft celebrity'. His willing victim is the proclaimed film star Caprice Geoffries, who is currently suffering from a celebrity diet of press, drugs and commercial mediocrity. He understands that the 5' heels she toters on is littered with the upheaval of her 'daddy' issues, the strain of her absentee husband and finally the self-loathing of her 'titled' social standing. Separting these two raging egotists looms Cyndi Readeen, Caprice's PR handler, who is a levelheaded, professional, African-American woman. Her presence in this conceptual interview project is to protect Caprice's image although she is hell-bent on destroying it.

This film is a confetti of references/passions to the genius of Warhol, Fassbinder and the era of 'The Hustler' as well as the glory of black and white. Celluloid #1 is ultimately about celluloid and how it captures us, as Caprice says, 'it is us in our glamour and us in our disease.' This film exposes our tawdry addiction to today's 'soft celebrity' culture, which is stuck like chewed bubble gum to the souls of our shoes. Our delusion is complete. Starring Julie Atlas Muz, Steve Buckley and Kendra Day.

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