Coney Island Film Festival

Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 2pm
Sideshows by the Seashore, 3006 W.12th St. @ Surf Ave.

This program is Sold Out!

Adventures on a Tzitza String
Marcia Bricker Halperin, Brooklyn NY. USA. Documentary Short, 6 minutes.

Since 1981 Marcia has been photographing Hasidim as they celebrate Chol Hamoed, the days in the middle of the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot. Through the interweaving of black and white photographs, narration and video footage, the film explores how Hasidim bridge the sacred and the mundane while celebrating these festivals at Coney Island.

Little Pink Medicine
Carol Chiodini, Orlando FL, USA. Narrative Short, 4 minutes.

New York City Premiere!

Little Pink Medicine sheds light on those little pet names and how they can come back to haunt us. With a title swiped from the amazing Swingin' Neckbreakers and music by Southern Culture on the Skids, this 4-minute short, shot in Coney Island in colorful hi-def, reminds us that you never know what’s too personal to ask somebody.

Circus Amok
Shehani Fernando, London UK, Documentary Short, 11 minutes.

'Circus Amok' captures the spirit of a small New York-based circus company and their 2006 show about immigrant rights. Using photographs, video interviews and music, the film explores the entertaining characters behind this politically-motivated, alternative theatrical experience.

Bally Master
Gary Beeber, Water Mill, NY, USA. Documentary Short, 23 minutes.

New York City Premiere!

Enter the bizarre world of Scott Baker, master of the Bally stage at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.The film also features fellow Coney Island sideshow performers as well as Coney Island personalities and habitués.

Watch Scott as he performs his most outrageous sideshow routines and talks in depth about his life and the history of geeking and of the sideshow. It's all REAL, it's all HERE, it's all ALIVE! COME ON IN!

Watch the trailer

Coney Island Cyclone
Mike Edwards, Viera Fl, USA. Documentary Short, 15 minutes.

Brooklyn Premiere!

At one time, some felt the Earth was an inanimate object. The same
silly idea was held about the Cyclone roller coaster until this film
delivered the truth in 1977, the year of its 50th anniversary. From
under a blanket of snow, experience it coming to life and sharing its
benevolent personality to a needy yet often unsuspecting crowd.


The History Of Vaudeville
Stewart Lippe, USA, Documentary Short, 27 minutes.

The History of Vaudeville covers the extrodinary world of Vaudeville history and the interesting characters that go along with it.

Shadows in Narrioch
Walter Santucci, Studio City, CA, USA, Music Video, 3 minutes.

Footage of Coney Island, both colorful and gritty, accompanies an original neo-classical piece of music by the Detroit Illharmonic Symphony.

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